Project presentation

Analysis of pitched roof market in Czech Republic & Slovakia – 2020


Why we do this project?

Since 2006, Neomar Consulting provides a detailed analysis of the Romanian market pitched roofs used mostly for residential constructions. For more than 10 years we generated useful statistics that were delivered to more than 40 companies active in this sector in Romania.

Following an increasing demand for regional market information, in the past 4 years, we have been extending this study to CEE countries, including reports in Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Moldova. From 2020, we will conduct similar research in Czech Republic and Slovakia, as preliminary discussions with our clients that have activities in CZ and SK suggested there is a lack of accurate information of that kind in your markets.

Our clients include: Tondach, Creaton, Blachotrapez, Bramac, Pruszynski, Bilka, Terran, Bravo Europa, Lindab, Onduline etc.

How is it made? This is the methodology we shall use:

To do the report, we will use several sources of primary and secondary information:

  • Interviews with the most relevant market players. The interviews/direct meetings will be conducted with key persons from the company’s management staff.
    • participation would require filling in a questionnaire and setting up a follow up call / meeting at your office (whichever suits you best under current situation)
    • participation does not entail costs on your side; furthermore, our cooperation model grants a complimentary summary of results to each participant (who contributes with information / data to the research); the summary includes only topline data, such as market size and one segmentation (please see an example of topline summary for our Romania study here)
    • your information / input will be used for the sole purpose of compiling the report
  • We will do a lot of desk-research also:
    • We will analyze the Annual Reports and other public information
    • We will gather information from secondary sources (Internet, specialized economic media)
    • We will gather all the relevant information from National Institutes for Statistics.

What is the content of the study?

The research undertaken by Neomar Consulting provides you with a comprehensive view of the overall market evolution and also provides you, when needed, with a detailed analysis of a particular segment. In brief, main objectives are:

  • market size in volume / value, overall and by roof type (concrete vs. ceramic vs. metal vs. bituminous etc)
  • market shares of key competitors
  • major drivers and trends
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