Our Team

Bogdan Funieru

Managing Director

Founder of Neomar Consulting. He has implemented or coordinated more than 350 complex research projects in Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary and other CEE countries.

20 years experience of which 15 years within Neomar Consulting. Conducted multi-country research projects in CEE region: Bulgaria, Hungary, Ukraine, Serbia, Croatia and others.

Razvan Pasculescu

Projects' Coordinator

Seasoned market research consultant (15 years of experience), has managed complex market intelligence projects in fields like building materials, food & beverages, agriculture, tourism and financial services. Razvan has conducted extensive desk research in virtually all main sectors of Romanian economy and hundreds of semi-structured and depth interviews with various types of respondents (from craftsmen to architects, from purchasing or marketing managers to antrepreneurs, general managers and public authorities); has designed, supervised and refined structured & pragmatic reports and provided valuable marketing insights to clients

Madalin Staicu

Senior Researcher and Project Manager

Experienced market research consultant. Present in the Neomar Consulting team since 2014. He has coordinated numerous research projects in technical fields like masonry materials, precast concrete products, steel industry and others.

Specialized in studies both on the Romanian market but also and in the Central and Eastern European area (Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, etc.)

Alex Rusu

Senior Researcher and Project Manager

Specialized in the management of quantitative studies and B2B surveys.

He has coordinated numerous quantitative research projects and customer satisfaction surveys. Present in the Neomar Consulting team since 2013.

Milos Kovacevik

Senior Researcher - South East Balkans

Located in Belgrade, he is specialized in researching Balkan markets: Serbia, Croatia, North Macedonia, Bosnia, Montenegro.

Milos is an experienced market research consultant, with a proven track record of activity in the marketing and social research industry. He has more than 20 years of professional experience and over 10 years of experience in researching technical markets but also FMCG in the region.