Analysis of Romanian market small-sized precast concrete

Analysis of Romanian market small-sized precast concrete

For a better understanding of the Romanian market of precast concrete elements of small dimensions (ex: slabs, paving elements, concrete borders, concrete blocks, concrete gutters, elements for fence, etc.) and of the main companies active in this market in terms of their size and sales made, Neomar Consulting will conduct a study of the market with the objective of establishing centralized statistics related to the size and market segmentation.

Who should use this research?

  • Manufacturers of small-sized precast concrete elements
  • Suppliers of equipment and raw materials for small-sized precast concrete industry
  • Investors interested in the construction and/or of the small-sized precast concrete industry

Unique benefits and information outputs of this analysis:

  • Market size by quantity and value
  • Market segmentation based on several criteria:

– Market segmentation by type – Market segmentation by competitors – Sales segmentation by geographic regions

  • Estimated market shares of major competitors
  • Identifying the trends that occurred in this market in the last year
  • Identifying the main factors that influence the market

Brief presentation of main competitors (top 10 competitors) which includes:

  • Official financial information (2010-2015)
  • General Information (range of products, references, etc)
  • Details about the sales of the products studied (2015)

Studied products (small-sized precast concrete):

  • Paving (pavers, slabs)
  • Concrete borders
  • Concrete gutters
  • Masonry elements made of concrete (bricks for the foundations and walls)
  • Ornamental precast concrete products

More details how to buy?

Fill in your contact details and download the project’s brochure. For the brochure in english please contact us. For further details, please contact us! [email-download download_id=”5684″ contact_form_id=”5096″] Limitations: Please note that due to confidentiality signed, the study has some limitations in terms of its distribution. Therefore, Neomar Consulting reserves the right to limit distribution of certain information and/or to refuse sending this study to certain clients.