Romanian roofing materials market – 2015

Romanian roofing materials market – 2015

cover roofing 2015 In March 2015, Neomar Consulting realized its 9th edition of its annual research on Romanian roofing market.

Which is the content of the research?

The study conducted by Neomar Consulting offers a complete perspective on the evolution of Romania roofing market. The report highlights:

  • Total roofing market size (by volume and value)
  • The historical evolution of the market – 2009-2014
  • Market segmentation by type of roofing (metal, ceramic, concrete, stone-chip covered steel tiles, bituminous shingles and bituminous corrugated plates) and trends regarding this segmentation
  • Market shares (by quantity and by value) of the main competitors per total market and per each segment
  • Regional market analysis – 2009-2014 tby quantity per total market and per each segment
  • Market segmentation by distribution channels used  – 2009-2014
  • Detailed analysis of each segment  (e.g. segmentation of steel tiles by thickness and type of coating of the steel sheets, segmentation of ceramic tiles by type of protection, segmentation of concrete tiles by aspect and by production technology, etc).
  • Competition analysis – we provide individual information about each local player (financial information, estimated production and sales, segmentation of sales by various criteria, etc)
  • Other relevant information

More details and how to buy?

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