Neomar Consulting provides professional market research and consultancy services specially designed for technical and industrial markets.

What do we offer you?

With more than 15 years experience in conducting market research and industry analysis, Neomar Consulting offers unsurpassed skills in technical and industrial market research both in Romania and South-Eastern Europe. Our studies come accompanied by professional management consulting services.

Sales development and loyal clients? We have it!

Through Lead-Generation services we can help you to get new clients. Further, we can help you to keep them loyal through professional customer-satisfaction surveys.

Clients. Who are they and what they want?

Understanding needs and how customers think and decide is the key to success. Our studies can help you understand them and see how they rank your brand and your products.

In need of actionable market information?

Perhaps you want to expand into new markets (export or new segments). Maybe you want to know your competition better. Or maybe you just need some reliable statistics.

Neomar Consulting is a company established in 2004 but having past experience in industrial market research since 1999 thanks to its founder, Mr. Bogdan Funieru.

Neomar Consulting is similar to a high level of expertise in marketing, information technology, and promotional communication. Our consultants have been offering informational support to multinationals, large and medium Romanian companies for more than five years and have extensive experience in many economic sectors.

Why Neomar?

  • Over 15 years of proven experience
  • Flexibility and customer orientation
  • Pragmatism - actionable results
  • Budgets and timings respected 100%
  • Over 350 complex projects completed

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