Specialized databases

What is it all about?

Both your company and many others need potential customer databases in order to use them in marketing or sales activity (eg running campaigns, telemarketing, etc.). Unfortunately, very often the databases available from various sources (online databases, specialized suppliers, etc.), presents a number of typical problems:

Poorly updated contact details.

Very often these databases are made by allowing companies to register. However, after initial registration, very few database suppliers regularly update all the information within their database.

Database structure does not meet client segmentation profile.

It is almost impossible for companies looking for highly specialized clients (e.g. wood furniture makers endowed with cut and bend equipment for steel) to find out databases with potential clients. Most often, they find general databases and relevant contacts account for only a fraction of all records.

Some details required are not available.

Most often, details included in the general databases available are too few. Important information needed for sales and marketing operations if often missing (e.g. products used, direct contact details for key people, usage/consumption patterns)

All these shortcomings are finally translated into low productivity of sales agents or low-efficiency marketing actions undertaken based on these databases. To correct these shortcomings, Neomar Consulting offers specialized databases with 100% customized and verified content .

Benefits of a 100% customised and verified database

1. Motivated and efficient sales personnel. Your sales agents do not need to spend time identifying new prospective clients, finding their contact details or visiting companies with a low potential for cooperation. Go directly to target: contact immediately relevant clients and start the sales cycle procedures.

2. Efficient marketing campaigns. Run the campaign only on a targeted audience. You can measure better this way the efficiency of these campaigns and you can adjust strategies according to market response. Running a marketing or sales campaigns on an inadequate database can provide misleading feedback on the target market’s feedback upon your business proposal.

3. Better market coverage. Often, specialized providers do not have a comprehensive set of records which virtually guarantees you to cover most of the market. Neomar Consulting’s customized database can allow you to make the most of your opportunities.

All the above advantages translate into the final in better financial results.

Investing in usable information about clients and business opportunities can save you time and money.

Make the database the way you want it!

We can make it 100% personalized.

  • Only companies with a certain field of activity
  • Only companies with a certain number of employees (minimum, maximum, range)
  • Only companies with a certain turnover (minimum, maximum, range)
  • Only companies that use a particular product or service
  • Only companies located in a certain geographical area

    Typical deliverables:

    Normally, for every company inserted in the database, Neomar Consulting provides the following standard information:

    General information:
    • Full name of the company
    • Telephone, fax, mobile phone (if available)
    • Complete address
    • Contact Person (General manager / technical / procurement manager)
    • Email and website address of presentation
    • Field of activity – the type of work done
    • Indicators of company size (number of employees, turnover, profit) in the last fiscal year that has available information.
    Customized information: Depending on customer requirements, can be delivered other value-added information such as:
    • company’s suppliers
    • specifications of products used
    • usage and buying behaviour (quantities bought, frequency of orders, additional services or products, usual payment terms)
    • key persons involved into decision making regarding a new supplier
    • other information agreed with the client.

    Examples of successful projects

    Flat glass processors in Romania

    Have been included here all companies that process glass by cutting. One of the conditions for selection is to acquire raw glass in large quantities (wooden-box 3×3 m size). Have been identified and delivered to the customer about. 320 companies that buy glass in large quantities. Subsequently, this database has been used successfully by our client’s sales department.

    Architects, designers and engineers for civil constructions.

    Approximately 2500 companies were selected out of 5,000 companies. During validation have been removed companies specialized in installations, geo-topographic surveys, land planning, industrial sites design, etc.

    Users of decorative glass.

    This was one of the most difficult projects. Were identified about. 300 of the most relevant users of decorative glass (opaque glass, embossed glass, etc.). In the list were included producers of furniture, doors and windows, interior decorators and other companies.

    All wooden furniture manufacturers in Romania.

    Approximately 4500 companies were identified and submitted to our client. The database included both large producers but also small companies. The database was subsequently used for sales promotion and direct marketing campaigns.

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