In-depth analysis of joinery market – 2010

In-depth analysis of joinery market – 2010

During May-July 2009, Neomar Consulting conducted an in-depth analysis of Romanian thermo-insulating joinery market.

2009 was the first year the market went down. Based on latest economic findings 2010 will continue this trend. Good times ended and only the most competitive players will remain in the ring.

Neomar Consulting can provide you answers to 10 key questions concerning the future evolution of thermo-insulating doors and windows market:

1. How will the market evolve in 2010?

2. What segments of customers you need to focus?

3. What consumers think? What matters the most for them?

4. How does a potential customer identify its supplier of windows?

5. How many suppliers are screened by a client before taking the buying decision?

6. Is it effective to conduct a promotional campaign on the Internet or on TV? Or is it better to focus on showrooms and other POS?

7. How is my company positioned toward the competition as regards the price of the products?

8. What are the discounts and sales policies used by main competitors on the market?

9. What is the average amount of money that customers are willing to spend in 2009 on windows replacement / acquisition?

10. Do the customers want to buy windows / doors in installments?

 The information is obtained from a representative sample of 1,200 households and 100 distributors nationwide between May-June 2009.  Answers to the questions above and many more are provided by Neomar Consulting through a detailed presentation and a session at the consultancy services at your company’s offices. For more details please contact us.