Qualitative research

serv_studUse these studies to determine what exactly motivates consumers, to gather relevant information regarding their perceptions and attitudes. These aspects cannot be determined through other types of market research.

  • Determination of consumer behavior
  • Motivations that are behind choosing a certain brand (taking into consideration that often purchase decision is made based on subjective and emotional criteria)
  • Determination of how much your product /brand meet customers’ expectations
  • Identification of hidden or not recongnised needs
  • Product concept testing and advertising testing

Briefly said, you can determine why consumers act the way they do. Which are the driving factors and how you can use these factors for your benefit.

The methodologies that lay behind qualitative studies conducted by Neomar Consulting are:

  • Focus Group
  • Face to face interviews;
  • Individual in-depth interviews;
  • Expert interviews;