Sandwich Panels Market Analysis – 2010

Sandwich Panels Market Analysis – 2010

Neomar Consulting has completed the 2010 edition (the 5th) of its annual study focused on thermo insulating steel panels (sandwich panels). You have the opportunity to obtain the information from this study. After a strong upward trend during 2005-2008, the sandwich panels market saw in 2009 a strong decline. 

The study conducted by Neomar Consulting in February-March 2010 offers an overview of the market decline in 2009 but also on existing prospects for 2010. There are illustrated a complete series of market trends and analysis for this period. 

Research offers also an overview of the evolution of major competitors in Romania, their market shares, the market segmentation by the origin of the panels (import / domestic production) and other insightful information. There are detailed outlined in the study the key factors that influence the market and their forecasted evolution. 

The study can be useful for developing business plans, applications for financing and for better market penetration. 

More about the report are available on the link below . For further details and purchase the study, please contact us: 

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